AP Environmental Science Practice Test

The AP Environmental Science course is one of the most interesting science classes available because it covers aspects of geology, biology, chemistry, geography, and environmental studies. The course looks at wide variety of man-made environmental problems as well as those caused by nature. Start your exam prep with one of our free AP Environmental Science practice tests. We have 6 sets of practice questions that are organized by topic.

Free AP Environmental Science Practice Tests

AP Environmental Science Exam

Topics covered on the test include earth systems and resources, the living world, population, land and water use, energy resources and consumption, pollution, and global change.

The APES Exam is three hours long, with the time divided equally between free-response questions and multiple-choice. There are 100 AP Environmental Science multiple choice questions, which account for 60% of your final grade.

There are 4 free response essay questions, which account for 40% of your final grade.  There is always 1 data-set question, 1 document-based question, and 2 synthesis and evaluation questions. No calculators are permitted on either section of the exam. Taking our AP Environmental Science practice tests are a great way to start your test prep.